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Try These 4 Vertical Garden Tips

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These Gardening Tips Will Give Your Garden A Boost!

Gardening is fun, but it can be frustrating when space becomes an issue. There are always creative ways to get around limited space though. The article below will provide some insight on how to make the best of your garden when in a tight spot .

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You don’t need a huge patch of land to be able to cultivate a couple of plants. Aside from creative planters, you may also make the most of an empty vertical space at home. Vertical gardening is ideal for condo dwellers as it allows them to spruce up an empty wall and enjoy the benefits of a green space.

If it’s your first time to plan a garden, here are a few tips that may just come in handy.

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Pick the right plants

Now that you’ve decided to create a vertical garden, you must pick plants that are suitable for growing vertically. If you want to cover up a wall, try placing peace lilies or wedding vines to add privacy to your home. You may also work with succulents! Carefully place them in a wooden frame to create a charming accent.


Build a sturdy frame

Whether you’re planning to use wire or wood for your vertical garden, you need to make sure that your frame can support the plants and withstand heat or rain. Plastic can be brittle over time and may cause damage to your garden.

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Choose a suitable location

Opt for a space where your plants can enjoy an adequate amount of sunlight. However, if your plants do not need too much sun and can retain water easily, you may place it in a shaded portion of the house.

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