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Learn This Trick To Grow TOMATOES In A Small Space

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Growing Tomatoes Has Never Been Easier!

If you have been growing tomatoes for a while or perhaps you have never tried it before, then this idea is certainly worth a try. James C Bryan has come up with what I think is a brilliant idea on how to get the most out of a limited space to grow your tomatoes. The article below gives a clear guide on how to go about this interesting way of growing tomatoes.

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Learn This BRILLIANT Trick for Growing a TON of TOMATOES in Small Space

Spring is coming and you may be thinking about growing some tomatoes in your yard. This is a fantastic way to get a whole bunch of tomatoes for very little cost. I love to see people growing food not lawns and this is a brilliant way to grow a ton of tomatoes in a small space. This idea comes from James C Bryan in Kentucky.

On May 28th he started like this:

tomato 1


He planted 4 tomato plants around a pail as pictured above. He drilled some holes in the bottom of the pail and then some more around the outside of the pail, about 10 inches from the bottom. He then buried the pail so the top set of holes were just barely above ground level then added 2 shovels full of compost to the pail. He built a tomato cage around the plants and then simply filled the pail with water every couple days, being careful not to water the leaves.

Only 1 month later his plants were peeking over the top of the 3 foot tomato cage:

tomato 2


The on July 9th he took this next picture and said his tomato plants …..

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