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How About This Organic Gardening Method?

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Is Organic Gardening Really Easy?

Lets face it, we may have all heard of many different ways to do gardening, some of which we may find too difficult to handle and may not worth our time. We really want to enjoy our gardening experience which is why i prefer organic gardening. It simply allows us to be one with nature. The article below by Emily Wade outlines a simple gardening method that takes away the unnecessary stress that comes with gardening.


THIS Easy, Organic Gardening Method Can Feed the World

Have you ever read a book on conventional gardening methods and wondered if you should even bother? Is it really necessary to till the ground, measure the pH of soil, and add soil amendments and N,P,K fertilizers? If you knew there had to be another way, you are right. None of that junk is necessary, and gardening is easy, fun, rewarding, and very low maintenance.

Conventional gardening methods are laborious enough to make anyone say “ain’t nobody got time for that,” but Paul Gautschi has the answer and has shared his gardening method with the world. Paul’s method doesn’t require digging or tilling and is so low maintenance that he hasn’t even watered his garden in 34 years. His plants have very high yields and are packed with nutritious, flavorful minerals.

“Listen to these numbers,” Paul tells Maximum Yield. “On the test, you get two lines: the desired level that you want and your lab results. The nitrates: the desired level was 40; my lab result was 120. Phosphorous, the desired level is 174; mine is 2,345. Potassium, the desired level is 167; mine is 1,154. Coming down to the smaller numbers: Zinc, the desired level is 1.6; mine 21.5. What I love about this is [that] I didn’t do anything.”

Paul’s growing methods are what those of us who thought there should be a system that works naturally have been looking for. Paul uses…

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