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Here Is How To Build Your Own Raised Bed

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It Is A lot Easier Than You Think Building Your Own Raised Bed!

Building your own raised bed is a thrilling experience you must have. But when are you going to get that experience or even rediscover it? Perhaps the time is right to have the kind of fun you deserve when gardening.

Perhaps you may not want to build it from scratch. You can purchase a well built raised garden bed all ready for you at one of your favorite stores for those who prefer doing it that way. This will not take away all the thrill since you will still have to do some work such as getting the your organic soil and fertilizer.

The Article below will provide the information you need to build your raised garden bed from scratch.

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How to Build a Raised Bed

Step 1: Mark it Off

mark it off

Start by determining how big you want your raised bed to be. If you’re not sure, start with a 4×4-foot square, a distance most people can reach the middle from both sides of. Then rake and level the ground so that your raised bed will lie flat.

Step 2: Create Your Walls

build walls

Start with four, 1-foot-long 4x4s for the corner posts; eight 4-foot-long 2x6s for the side rails; and four 2-foot-long 2x2s for the center stakes.

Position your 4x4s on each corner of your square. Then pick a wall to start with and screw your first 2×6 to connect the corners. Stack a second 2×6 on top of the first. The ends of the 2×6 boards should be even with the sides of the post. Use an angle-square to make sure the rails and posts are lined up at right angles.

Step 3: Connect the Walls

connect walls

Stand the sidewalls upright and opposite each other, with the posts on the outside. Screw the two side rails to the posts to form the otherwalls of the raised bed.

Again, the ends of the rails should be even with the sides of the posts.

Step 4: Square it Up

diagonal set up

Measure diagonally both directions across the planter bed to make sure the frame is square. Adjust the raised bed until both diagonals are equal in length.


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