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Here Are Some Garden Planning Tips For Beginners

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Garden Planning Tips To Consider!

Garden planning is an area of gardening that both advanced and beginner gardeners should not overlook. Regardless of your present situation there needs to be some thought that will determine how one will proceed.

Gardening has so many different areas to address. These include, preparation of planting area, time to plant, when to fertilize, all of which can be overwhelming if nothing  organized is in place.  Though this article is directed to beginner gardeners advance gardeners can take note at well.

Lets now adsorb this information filled content to the improvement of our gardening experience.

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 Garden Planning Tips for Beginners

Have you wanted to garden, but didn’t know where to start? Whether you would like to plant in pots, raised beds, a garden bed or a combination of these, you will need to take some time to plan your garden. Garden planning is not difficult, but it can be intimidating to some. It will take a little research, time, and patience.

To begin planning your garden you will need to decide what you would like to grow. If this is your first garden, it is best to start small. This can be a few pots of your favorite vegetables or a couple raised garden beds. The important thing is not to overwhelm yourself, otherwise you may not have enough time to care for the garden and you will end up viewing it as a chore rather than something enjoyable.

Benefits of Gardening

Tending to your garden can bring you pleasure in a number of ways.

Ÿ• The aromas can be relaxing

Ÿ• You will get exercise without knowing it

ŸŸ• Spending time in the sun aids in lifting your spirits and boosts your vitamin D levels

ŸŸ• Watching your garden grow successfully can make you proud

ŸBeside these reasons and many more, the main one is you are growing your own food—food that will feed you and your family. Even if you start small, these are items you do not have to buy at the grocery store. Vegetables grown in your garden have so much more flavor than their grocery store counterparts. They get to ripen on the vine, which is beneficial not only to their flavor but also their nutrients. Some vegetables have to travel 1,500 miles before they are on your grocery shelf, thus, they are harvested prior to full ripening!

Garden Planning Fundamentals

When it comes to garden planning, researching these 4 fundamentals is a good place to start.

Ÿ• How much sun each vegetable or herb needs

Ÿ• How much water each needs

Ÿ• Ph balance soil requirements

Ÿ• Which plants are good companions for each other

Once you have this information, you can begin planning the layout. It can be as simple as drawing it on paper, or you can go the…

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